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Camping by the lake

Where can I go on Day trips around Morgantown, WV?

Day Trips From Morgantown, WV

The city of Morgantown enjoys a prime location in West Virginia, bordering Pennsylvania. It lies close to some of the famous touristy cities, national parks, and beaches neat the east coast. Sitting on the northern part of West Virginia, Morgantown is the starting point for some of the coolest day trips from Morgantown, WV. Here are some of the most famous day trips from Morgantown, WV:

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Hand removing the timing belt from a Volkswagen vehicle

How often do I need to change the timing belt of my Volkswagen vehicle?

Get your Volkswagen vehicle’s timing belt changed in Morgantown, WV

If you have been driving a Volkswagen vehicle for some time now, it is important to check under the hood for things that need to be replaced or fixed. One of the key parts is the vehicle’s timing belt which gets damaged by wear and tear. So, today we are going to tell you how often you need to change the timing belt of your Volkswagen vehicle. You can get your vehicle’s timing belt changed here at Weimer Volkswagen in Morgantown, WV.

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Statue of Liberty with the American Flag and fireworks in background.

What are some fun events for the 4th of July 2021?

4th of July Celebration of America in Morgantown, WV

After the pandemic hit last year, there was little to no celebration during any festival. But this year with things getting a little better, people are starting to go out and for this 4th of July we have two amazing events. Read this blog by Weimer Volkswagen of Morgantown to find out some fun events for 4th of July 2021 in Morgantown, WV.

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woman and man hiking on trail surrounding by trees and plants

Where Can I Go Hiking near Clarksburg, WV?

Best Hiking Trails to Visit near Clarksburg, WV

Now that we’re halfway through March, Spring is just around the corner. This means we can finally enjoy warmer weather and the outdoors more often again. What’s the best way to enjoy the nice weather and the beautiful outdoors? Hiking trails of course! Today, we are sharing the best hiking trails to visit near Clarksburg, WV. Keep reading to see where to take your next hike!

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woman looking at flowers outside of shop

Where Can I Get Flowers for My Valentine Near Clarksburg, WV?

Where to Buy Flowers near Clarksburg, WV in 2021?

Valentine’s Day is coming up quick, so you need to get a beautiful bouquet of flowers for your significant other soon! While you might pick up something quick the day of from the grocery store, we think supporting local florists is a better way to show your love. If this is your first time buying flowers or you’re not sure where to buy flowers, keep reading for our list of our favorite places near Clarksburg, WV to buy flowers from in 2021.

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bottle of red wine and glass of red wine in front of old wine barrel

Where Can I Find Locally Made Wines?

Best Wineries to Visit with Friends Near Clarksburg, WV

There’s nothing better than getting together with your friends and sharing a bottle (or two) of wine. While you might typically get your wine from the grocery store or a liquor store, getting a wine directly from a winery is a great experience. If you’re looking for something new to try with friends, keep reading for our list of the best wineries to visit with friends near Clarksburg, WV.

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book open with two pages forming heart with fairy lights

Where Can I Buy Books Near Clarksburg, WV?

Bookstores and Comic Shops Open Near Clarksburg, WV

Many of us have our own hobbies that we like to do during our free time. During quarantine, many people took up new hobbies or got back into old ones. One popular hobby is reading. If you’ve managed to read through your entire book collection, you might be looking to stock up again. In this post, we will be sharing bookstores and comic shops open near Clarksburg, WV.

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string of gingerbread cookie people and houses

How Can I Celebrate Christmas 2020 near Clarksburg, WV?

Christmas Events Happening in December 2020 near Clarksburg, WV

Now that it’s December, it’s time to get into the Christmas spirit. While some people like to get into the Christmas spirit by listening to classic Christmas songs, other people like to do Christmas-themed activities. If you’re looking for events to go to this year, you’re in luck. Below we have shared a couple of Christmas events that are happening in December 2020 near Clarksburg, WV. Read on to pick out how you’ll be celebrating Christmas!

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volunteer handing out plates of food to people

What Food Pantries Are Open in 2020 near Clarksburg, WV?

Food Pantries and Food Banks Open near Clarksburg, WV in 2020

For most of the year, we have been experiencing the effects of COVID-19. It led to businesses closing temporarily or permanently, following social distancing, and wearing masks when out in public. However, it also unfortunately led to many people losing their jobs. Despite the negative experiences that have occurred this year, we have also seen a surge in community support.

Many people are buying locally, supporting small businesses, and donating what they can. If you are someone who is looking to donate or someone who needs support during the upcoming holidays, we’re here to help. Below we have listed some food pantries and food banks open near Clarksburg, WV in 2020. Check them out! Remember to call these businesses to double check that they are still open.

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three halloween buckets two decorated as pumpkins one as mummy

What is the Best Candy to Get for Morgantown Trick or Treaters?

Top 10 Candies to Give Out for Halloween in Morgantown, WV

While Trick-or-Treating was up in the air for awhile due to COVID-19, we finally have information on this fun Halloween tradition. Happening on Halloween day, Morgantown trick-or-treaters can get candy from their neighborhood from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. While there are safety measures in place, that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to provide the best candy. Read on for the top ten candies to give out for Halloween in Morgantown, WV.

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