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What does flush my transmission fluid mean?

Transmission service near Clarksburg, WV

On your regular trip to the mechanic, you might have come across the term flush transmission or transmission flush. Do you also wonder what that means? What does flush my transmission fluid mean? Continue reading this blog to find out. If you are looking for transmission service near Clarksburg, WV, look no more because we at Weimer Volkswagen provide all sorts of car maintenance and service. Click on the button below to schedule a service now!

What does transmission flush mean?

A transmission flush is a process of removing old automotive transmission fluid (ATF) and replacing it with fresh fluid. This process also involves removing sludge dirt and grime from the fluid which accumulates over time as the engine functions. These accumulated particles can cause more friction and heat generation thereby causing harm to the vehicle transmission. Transmission flush helps cool down and lubricate the system and maintain a smooth overall functioning.

What is the difference between transmission Flush and transmission fluid change?

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Transmission flush involves removing the entire transmission fluid and the accumulated particles and deposits. A full new batch of transmission fluid is then added after cleaning and inspection.

Transmission fluid change, on the other hand, replaces only about half of your transmission fluid. The transmission pan is inspected cleaned and the filter is replaced. Then new transmission fluid is added to the already existing old ATF. This leaves a mixture of both new and old transmission fluid in your pan.

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How often should I get my transmission flushed?

As a general rule of thumb, you should get your transmission flushed every 45,000 miles or 3 years of running time. But it can differ from model to model, so it is best to refer to your owner’s manual. But if you see fluid leaks or rough shifting while driving it might be time for a transmission flush. You can also keep a check on the transmission light on the driver’s panel, if it turns on you should visit your mechanic soon!

Get your transmission flushed near Clarksburg, WV

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