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What Haunted Houses Are Open in 2020 near Morgantown, WV?

Haunted Houses and Mazes Open Near Morgantown, WV?

As we reach the end of September, that means we’ll be getting closer to Halloween. Many places start to put up their decorations and host special events all throughout October. If you like to get a rush of adrenaline by visiting a haunted house, you might be wondering what places are open this year. In this post, we will be listing some haunted houses and mazes that are open near Morgantown, WV. Read on to plan your spooky festivities!

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Get scared with friends and family to celebrate Halloween

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  1. Demon House by Frightfully Entertaining. Already open and running, this haunted house is open all the way through the beginning of November. You and your group can travel through the house which is rumored to actually be a “real” haunted house. Actors are placed to enhance the experience and you can roam the grounds before or after going through the house. There are also continuous horror movie showings.
  2. Lonesome Valley Farms. To be safe during COVID-19, this haunted maze has created a socially distant alternative. This year, you can drive through the attractions while remaining in the safety and comfort of your vehicle. The price is $10 per person or $40 a car full of up to six people. They also have a corn maze where they are requiring face masks and social distancing. The corn maze is $10 per person.
  3. Haunted Hollow. Opening for the 24th year in a row, this haunted attraction is determined to keep scaring people while adhering to social distancing rules, requiring masks and limited number of tickets available each night. There are five different attractions that you can enjoy including a haunted hayride, a toxic wasteland themed haunted mine, and a haunted asylum option.  

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