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Where Can I Get My Brake Pads Replaced near Clarksburg, WV?

Brake Service Available at Weimer Volkswagen near Clarksburg, WV

Our vehicles need a lot of proper care and attention. By getting it fixed, refueled, or upgraded, we help it live its longest and best life. One of the most important parts of a vehicle to regularly get replaced is the brake pads. By getting your brake pads replaced when necessary, it helps keep your vehicle performing at its best level and prevent any safety issues. If you need to get your brake pads replaced, get them serviced at Weimer Volkswagen near Clarksburg, WV. However, if you don’t know if your brakes need to be replaced, keep reading.

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How to tell that your brake pads need to be changed

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  1. You hear a squealing or squeaking noise when braking. If you’re hearing one of these sounds when braking, it’s a sign that the brake pads have reached the indicator. The indicator is placed onto your brakes specifically for this purpose.
  2. The brake pads are less than ¼ inch. One of the best ways to see if it’s time to replace your brake pads is to check their thickness. Looking through the tire spokes at the brake pads, check to see if they’re less than a quarter of an inch.
  3. You hear a metallic grinding or growling noise. When you hear one of these types of noises, this means that the pads have worn down dangerously low and the brake discs and calipers are in contact. This requires immediate attention at a service center.
  4. Brake indicator light. Some vehicles come with a dashboard warning light when the brake pads need to be changed. You can see if your vehicle has this function by checking the owner’s manual.

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Schedule service appointment at Weimer Volkswagen

If you’ve been noticing any of these signs, be sure to schedule a service appointment at Weimer Volkswagen as soon as possible. Our service team will have your brake pads changed and ready to go so you can still enjoy your day.

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