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Where can I go on Day trips around Morgantown, WV?

Day Trips From Morgantown, WV

The city of Morgantown enjoys a prime location in West Virginia, bordering Pennsylvania. It lies close to some of the famous touristy cities, national parks, and beaches neat the east coast. Sitting on the northern part of West Virginia, Morgantown is the starting point for some of the coolest day trips from Morgantown, WV. Here are some of the most famous day trips from Morgantown, WV:

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Monticello, Kentucky

Located 409 miles southwest from Morgantown is the city of Monticello in Kentucky. You can enjoy a blissful 6.5 hours’ drive along the lush greenery of the national forests on the way. This quaint home rule city offers a much-needed downtime from city life. The town lies near the Elk Creek and is famous as ‘the Houseboat Capital of the World’. Monticello is home to famous musicians like Dick Burnett and Kevin Denny.

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Wilderness of a national park
The wilderness of a national park

Washington, DC

The city of Washington lies 207 miles east of Morgantown, WV. Drive 3.5 hours to reach the capital city located right on the Potomac River. The city is the seat of the senate and has remained a major part of the American History and administration till date. Washington D.C. is paired with sister cities like Bangkok, Paris, Rome, and more. Visit Washington on the weekend for a peek into history.  

Paterson Great Falls National Park

The 77-feet high Great falls is nestled on the Passaic River in New Jersey. This tranquil National Park has become a retreat for a lot of nature lovers apart from its indigenous flora and fauna. The area surrounding the waterfall is converted to a national park thanks to the natural diversity of the region. The Park lies 378 miles east of Morgantown.

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Car out on road trip
Car out on a Road trip

Cleveland Ohio

Drive 203 miles northwest of Morgantown to reach Cleveland Ohio. It is the largest historical city on Lake Erie and sits on a chain of irregular bluffs parallel to the lake. The showstopper is the ‘Emerald Necklace’, the Olmstead-inspired Metroparks around Cleveland. What was once home to New England inhabitants has now become a cosmopolitan community of diverse immigrants.

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